File Requirement

Information about optimal delivery of Audiodata for Mastering.

Bit Resolution

Please use minimum 24-Bit-Files or higher resolution.

Sampling Rate:

44.1 kHz for Redbook-CDs or Online-Releases. 48 or 96 kHz > DVD Audio for Video. Please do not use Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) as the SRC algorithms of many DAWs are unsatisfactory. Also avoid unnecessary SRC, especially odd conversions, for example, from 96kHz to 44.1kHz. Such a conversion brings more disadvantages than the advantage of recording in a high sample rate.

„Mastered for iTunes“: If you have produced in a SR higher than 44.1kHz, please provide a mixdown in this SR so we can use this as source for an HQ mastering for iTunes.

File Formats

Wave or Aiff


Please NO Dither! to Use all the benefits of 32-Bit-resolution, please switch off all dither and limiting functionality during the rendering.

Beginning´s/ end´s:

Allow sufficient pre-roll and post-roll during mix export (at least 500ms). This is especially for titles which are mixed on analog Consoles, those fingerprints can be used for denoising, and prevent latency issues.

Compression / Master Limiting:

If possible (i know in our Genre it´s difficult) Soft limiting is OK to catch technical peaks. Please omit the Finalizer, Loudness Maximizer, Inflator or L2 / 3s etc. in the Master Sum. The average Loudness of the Mix should not exceed – 9dB / RMS or DR9. Dynamic Mixes are welcomed as Compression is the Job of the Mastering engineer. More Compression is always possible, less is never possible.

Anlieferung der Daten / Upload:

Please bundle all Files into One Archive (ZIP/RAR)! Don´t send Files straight as Wave or Aiff. The Comprimission only serve to to file security. , Zip r Rar has no quality effect to your sound. It just prevented dropouts through Data transmission errors.

Note: single delivers will be calculated as single order.

Load it up on any prefered Filehoster, Clousservices or Torrent.